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Family Start Programme - A Comprehensive Guide by Kowhai Consulting

Introduction to the Family Start Programme

Family Start is a home visiting programme designed to support children and their families. This initiative, run by Oranga Tamariki — Ministry for Children, aims to enhance a child's health, learning, and relationships. The programme collaborates with whānau and families to ensure the best possible outcomes for children. As a proud provider of this service, we at Kowhai Consulting are committed to helping families access the support they need through the Family Start Programme.

How to Refer a Family to the Programme

If you know a family or whānau that could benefit from Family Start, there are several ways to make a referral. You can discuss the programme with a doctor, midwife, Well Child nurse, or any service involved with the family. Alternatively, you can contact a Family Start provider, like Kowhai Consulting, directly to learn more about the programme and obtain a referral form. This process is an integral part of the referral to Family Start.

The Role of Family Start Providers

Family Start providers, such as Kowhai Consulting, play a crucial role in the referral process. Once we receive the referral form and any supporting documents, we will contact the family within five days to arrange an initial visit with Family Start. This visit is an opportunity to confirm whether the programme is the right fit for the family.

The Importance of Family Consent

Before making a referral, it's essential to ensure that the family or whānau is aware of your concerns and understands how the Family Start programme might help them. It's also important to acknowledge the family's strengths and aspirations. Most importantly, the family must give their consent for the referral. At Kowhai Consulting, we prioritize open communication and consent throughout the referral process, emphasizing the importance of family consent for referral.

The Outcome of the Initial Visit

After the initial visit, the Family Start provider will inform you about the outcome. At Kowhai Consulting, we are always available to discuss any potential referral if you or the family are unsure whether the programme is the right way forward. We are committed to providing support for families and whānau, ensuring they are informed about the outcome of the Family Start initial visit.


The Family Start programme is a valuable resource for families and whānau who need support. By understanding the referral process and the role of Family Start providers, we can help more families access the assistance they need to improve their children's health, learning, and relationships. At Kowhai Consulting, we are proud to be part of this initiative and look forward to supporting more families through the Family Start programme, a key service offered by Oranga Tamariki — Ministry for Children.

For more information about the Family Start programme or to discuss a potential referral, please contact us at Kowhai Consulting. We are here to help.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let's take that step together with Family Start.

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