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Family Start- Referral Form

• improving health, education and social outcomes for children

• improving parents’ parenting capability and practice

• improving children’s and parents’ personal and family circumstances.


• assess the family’s situation

• help them make an individual plan focused on goals for the child’s wellbeing and safety

• offer the family advice and guidance about achieving their goals

• encourage parents to ensure the child gets appropriate health care

• connect the family with other services, agencies or resources they might need

• facilitate regular parenting discussions with the family to help them understand their child’s needs at different stages as they grow


Our Family Start services are quick and easy to access, and anyone can make a referral. Fill out the referral form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call our freephone

 0800 323 543 or contact us through email: to start the process in getting you and your whanau the support you need. 

Family Start Helps With:

Family Start promotes and acts on the child’s safety at all times. A Family Start whānau worker will visit the family regularly (weekly at first). They will:

How to make a Referral:

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